Gaming and Simulation

A gaming and simulation approach is used to prepare the demonstration cities for deployment of the PETRA platform. All demonstration sites organise workshops with operational personnel (traffic control room, police, etc) and strategic policy layers (fromt he city and other stakeholders) to determine:

  • Real options for influencing behaviour through infomobility
  • Roles of the control room in managing city dynamics through information to travellers
  • Next generation dashboards for control rooms in the era of infomobility.


For each city, a unique combination of models has been developed and used. These are brought together in the ProtoWorld gaming platform that allows for distributed interactive simulation. For the city of Venice a new simulation of pedestrian behaviour has been developed, based upon the fundamental diagram by Flötteröd and Lammel. This model assumes very low dimensionality to derive travel times, and is implemented using a combination of data, expertise and theory.