Project information

The project comprises, apart from the management (WP1) and dissemination tasks (WP11), 4 major clusters of work that each contains several work packages. The first cluster is Data Intake and Processing that focuses on sense-making for groups of travellers based on mining smart and traditional sensor data. This cluster is the technological heart of PETRA and will be carried out by IBM, KTH and CNR.

WP Structure V4

The second cluster is Creating the PETRA platform and context that starts with WP2 to set the design specifications and progresses with WP7 to a set the governance structures and business models to make the PETRA platform successful and scalable from a public and private perspective.

The third cluster is Creating the advise, in which WP5 will focus on providing an optimal advise under the uncertainties that real-time sensed cities have, particularly in projecting into the future for congestion, crowding and changes in travel times. In WP6, modules will be constructed that allow cities to set incentives and develop adaptive demand techniques for traffic control, event management and more. This will be done in a gaming simulation environment for testing with real operators in a safe environment.

The fourth cluster is Demonstration that will deliver demonstrators implemented in the cities of Rome (WP8), Venice (WP9) and Tel Aviv (WP10). These use cases are very different and will therefore explore the value of the PETRA platform over a wide range of applications.